Saturday, August 6, 2011

Braids-Native Speaker (2011)

Braids - Lemonade by neontapedeck
BRAIDS - 'Plath Heart' by SpunkRecords

At first, for some reason or another, i wrote this band off as kind of a "Animal Collective with a girl" type scenario. While it does have elements of those guys I feel that this band is in fact definitely doing their own thing. The music is very warm and it feels like it is expansive yet also very intimate. This band has a lot in common with the overall Cocteau Twins sound, as well as a lot of the shoegaze bands from the 90s. This album though has less, less wall of sound, more sparse electronics, and above all the beautiful vocals carry this music from something average to something way above average.
If you are not a fan of somewhat new agey stuff or female vocalists like Elizabeth Frasier or Kate Bush, then this might not be your cup of tea, but for those of us that yearn for the shoegaze and dream pop days of yore, this is something you will want to consume immediately.

oh yeah and this came out i believe the first week of 2011 yet it perfectly fits the hot summer mood.

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