Friday, July 15, 2011

The Men-Leave Home (2011)

01 If You Leave by sean.taylor106

It starts with a hum that is vaguely Middle Eastern in origin. The beginning of man. The beginning of The Men. Slowly building with tiny pieces of feedback from both the bass and guitar. Little electrical hums flicker about. Then shitty harmonics play above a feedback drenched bass line. Then the shit opens up, wide fucking open and now it sounds like Harvey Milk jamming with Spacemen 3. Who could ask for anything more?? It is beauty through chaos and then the drums come in and its a kick ass rock song and ladies and gentlemen we are no longer floating in space but now very grounded. "Die, I would die!" gets repeated over and over, and i would die to in a shallow grave in the middle of a seedy bar in downtown LA with these heavy notes and waves of distorted guitar, i could just die!
Back to Earth we are allowed to listen to these recorded sounds over and over, while wearing a pair of pissed jeans and remembering why you liked heavy music to begin with. This is the culmination of collections filled with amrep records, touch and go singles, and just that special amount of 80s weirdness. apparently this is hardcore but i beg to differ, this is just rock, rock at its most confrontational and cerebral. It's albums like these that remind me why i started listening to music in the first place.
Another modern masterpiece to place next to my Jesus Lizard and Big Black records.

LONG LIVE THE RAWK!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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