Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fleet Foxes-Helplessness Blues(2011)

Fleet Foxes - Montezuma by gypsysphere

02 - Bedouin Dress by chrisdeets

Sometimes i write off a band, sometimes it's for a good reason and i never want to listen to them ever again. Sometimes it's for a bad reason like the "scene" surrounding such music, people who like it, etc.. and i usually regret it sometimes. This one i am regretting bigtime. It's not like i am gonna run out and buy their first ep or album, but this, this thing right here i am listening to is making me regret writing them off.

This is pure indie folk/pop shit you would assume these days is a dime a dozen but the pure talent going into these songs cant be ignored. The harmonies alone could carry this band but underneath it lies a great sense of tension within the instrumentation. this band likes to ebb and flow and swell up and down just like a sea and the boat is carrying the melodies and harmonies. it all accompanies everything around it and back again. every song is a highlight and a joy to listen to.

the main touchstones i can find here are of course crosby stills and nash. but also, more importantly, and this might seem weird but the absolute best melodies from James Taylor. i hear a ton of him in this album, this album reminds me of an afternoon looking out on a beach and just not having shit to do and being able to totally appreciate the things around you. I'm normally not this sappy but this album makes me feel good, i cant really explain it but every element wrenches an emotional reaction from me and it's great.

who knew this would be the year of being blown away by simple well done indie releases, im diggin it

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  1. Yep - that's it exactly! - you kind of want it to suck, because there's that kind of hipster pretentiousness behind it - but these guys are talented, the musicianship is amazing and the album is full of catchy positive tunes that make you feel better