Monday, June 6, 2011

Death Grips-Exmilitary(2011)

Death Grips - Exmilitary by deathgrips

So this is a bit of a weird one and to be honest kind of a great one. This project is a hip hop group from Sacramento. It involves Zach Hill and two other mystery people. I dont hear too much of Zach's drumming, but i suspect i am hearing his beats. He hinted at stuff like this throughout his solo career but until now his noise/pop sensibilities had never been paired with hip hop. I think it's a great mix and he isn't afraid to take risks with this music, a lot of it sounds like it's not going to work but i havent heard a misstep on this album.
The general mood of this album is very confrontational, aggressive yet at the same time really playful. There are a ton of 60s samples ranging from girl group to arthur brown and a bunch of other stuff, bowie gets a sample too. This truly is melting pot hip hop, pulling from many genres twisting them and then using them as a jumping off point to launch this music straight into your brain.
As far as i can tell, this stuff is still pretty "under the radar" and they are offering this mixtape for free on their website right here!

This kind of has a Odd Future feeling to it, but it feels more mature, maybe thats because it is made by an older crowd. It also has a heavy Food For Animals vibe but it's not as focused on abstract IDM, instead you could throw this on at a party and i think people would be down.
This is forward thinking hip hop that i hope turns some heads, this needs to be heard and at that price why not just give it a try it's fucking free!

a few notes: Mike Leisz turned me onto this one...thanks bud! and i highly recommend the songs guillotine and spread eagle across the block...but i mean just download the whole thing!


  1. beat me to the punch! one of the first places I read about this actually did the "oddfuture for grown ups" idea as their whole point and I can definitely see that. personally I think this is pretty good stuff, but to me the weakest point is that the rapping is just not that good. I really like the dark subject matter and on paper his lyrics look awesome, but he just kinda shouts them and its hard to really dive into the music with him hollering at you. In other genres of music this would bother me less, and even when it comes to rap I'm usually more interested in the beats than the actually rapping, but here I really his flow was better.

  2. i hear ya a bit on that, his delivery is kind of yelling instead of rapping well, but i do think it works, i think zach keeps shit interesting enough that it just gets weaved into the tapestry of the music

  3. this is pretty good. sounds like el-p. but the rapping is, yeah, too much yelling. and sounds like something asshole bros in sacramento would be into. #haterade