Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cam Connor-Fitter Happiest(2011)

03 Good a$$ Job by sean.taylor106

06 Indie Soap Opera (Feat. Jeremy P) by sean.taylor106

The art of sampling. I personally think it's brilliant, some people think it's shit but i think there is a great art to picking out samples, changing them or leaving them intact but arranging them in such a way where you create a brand new piece of art. Doing this takes time and effort and this Cam Connor person has succeeded in creating some new art.
Some of you may be rolling your eyes thinking this is gonna be just like girl talk, but the difference is this guy or girl doesnt give a shit about making dance tracks out of this music instead he creates a truly ridiculous mash up with interesting turns everywhere. A lot of this is somewhat blasphemous which is great because i feel a lot of people are wearing velvet gloves when they "approach the greats". This is ugly, awful, annoying but ultimately completely engaging.
I mean this is shitty but great at the same time. it is trash, it is disposable but it is also exciting as all hell. whether or not you see what i see is totally in your head but to me this is the sound of someone who cant decide what to play so they just play everything at once and never pick up an instrument aside from their trusty sampler.


oh and i think this may be thom yorke


  1. sorry i didnt post this but its the link to download it

  2. Hi destroy the scene of speed, glue, and music fame. I would like to thank you for featuring the song I did with Cam Connor entitled "indie soap opera". It was truly a labor of love. Thanks for all this blog press as my family doesn't feed itself on its own.

    Sincerely, jeremy p of Indie Soap Opera (Feat. Jeremy P)fame

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  4. i agree with anonymous

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  6. This is pretty fun to listen to.