Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tyler, The Creator-Goblin(2011)

1-01 Goblin by sean.taylor106

Oh Tyler, you have managed to write and record the most self aware, self conscience and schizophrenic albums I have ever heard. Most of the time this would be a good thing, hell even a great thing. Many artists have done this, especially in hip hop. I have liked albums by egotistical weirdos for a while, the most recent album in memory was the last Kanye album. That album was made by a self aware egotist and it turned out to be concise and expertly produced. Even though it was self aware it still kept the most important thing in the forefront, Kanye let the music seep through everything above all else, his message was a moot point when those choral vocals and crazy song arrangements poured through the headphones. It was good, pure and simple.

The difference between that album and this one, i find, is extreme immaturity. Tyler really seems extremely cautious of every word he laid down to tape. He knew this album could make or break him but he seems so concerned with this that it gets in the way of the album. It's as if he was looking over his shoulder at all times when writing these tracks, second guessing himself until he made this. What is this? One of the biggest convoluted messes of an album I have heard in years. The music resides somewhere between Anticon and Def Jux and somewhere between the years 2001 and 2004, except this is 2011 and Madvillain happened and mainstream hip hop stepped up to create equal pop/critical hits. The landscape changed and El-P already made Fantastic Damage. In fact, this album sounds like a sloppy codeine fueled version of that album. In my eyes that makes this album completely unnecessary for the times.
It's painful to listen to this for many reasons, it feels like I stumbled upon some angry teenagers livejournal from a few years back. It reminds me of the bullshit rebellion that I let go after age 18. It's ugly but it's calculated ugly, it's fine tuned to a disgusting degree, and we havent even touched the lyrical content yet.

Lyrically this album is both successful and a failure at the same time. It succeeds because it does "go there". It really is, on first listen, dangerous and full of menace but after a few spins it really shows that this is just the product of an angry young teenager who is so concerned with his self image that he ends up not having an image of his own and ends up becoming a cheap, immature version of what he wants to be; a true dark creative genius. He is not, not even close because he thinks about it too much. No amount of pitched down and up vocal techniques could save this album, no amount of minimal production could save this album. Instead, Tyler buries this album with his monumental ego and his desire to be loved and hated by everyone.

Oh well..."Yonkers" was alright.


  1. yeah the difference between kanye's record and goblin is tyler actually wrote the songs on his record

  2. I was thinking about writing a full review response to this, but I'm feeling so burned out on tyler/wolf gang hype that I'm pretty sure the world doesn't need yet another review of this album. that being said, I think this is a good but not great album that lives up exactly to reasonable expectations. tyler has never been that great a rapper, bastard wasn't that good of an album, but people seem to have lost track of that in all of the excitement about the fun unpredictability of odd future. I think that honestly anyone who liked his older stuff should like this, and if you are disappointed by it you probably had unreasonable expectations (I mean a non-specific "you", not you particularly sean). I haven't really liked any of the odd future albums before this, and I'd say this is probably the strongest one so far. its weird, funny and disturbing and I think that's really all it was ever going to be. I think also I'm not really hearing too much def jux in this because I never think of def jux as being so menacing.... I hear a LOT of dre dog though. dunno if tyler is actually inspired by him but I really wouldn't be surprised... same creeping beats, same snarl, same over the top violence and misogyny...

  3. off of "I hate you with a passion":

  4. oh yeah the last thing I would want to say is that its rare to get a hip hop album that actually holds up as a complete album, so I'll be satisfied with a rap album with just a few good songs.... which I think this is