Friday, May 20, 2011

tUnE-yArDs-w h o k i l l (2011)

no more soundcloud...those fuckers have denied my uploads about 10 times in a row now, so fuck em, you tube "videos" instead

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Merril is performing at the..." and thats how the album begins and if that isn't a perfect rev up for an album I don't know what is. She really is performing "at the..." she is everywhere on this album. Combining elements of Indie Rock, African Music, synth pop, punk, and even soul(mostly in the vocals). This reminds me of what would happen if Nina Simone fronted a punk band. This album is somewhat hard for the explain. It's much better than the first one, which was recorded on a 4 track. This one is split between 4 track/field recordings/and a nice studio or two. She seems to thrive in this environment, employing her lo-fi aesthetic while also taking full advantage of the studio time. Every song here practically bursts with creativity. A lot of the creativity on display here can at times be awkward but that just adds to the excitement, she knows the perfect moment to be shitty to compliment the greatness. By making some parts dirty and somewhat stupid at times it gives the album a very up and down feel. It's like someone grabbing your hand and whipping you through a crowd without telling you where you are going.
This album is exciting, forward thinking, a bit annoying but you couldnt call yourself an adventurous music listener without acknowledging that something interesting is going on here. Oh and it definitely reminds me of that first Micachu album which is awesome!
I highly recommend this to pretty much anyone.