Sunday, May 8, 2011

Akron Family-S/T 2: The Cosmic Birth and Journey Of Shinju TNT (2011)

01 Silly Bears by deef deeferson

03 A AAA O A WAY by deef deeferson

Opening with distorted drums and wordless chanting, there is a sense of menace and darkness with this new journey of Akron/Family's. All the distorted elements continue but like a flash of lightning crackling through the sky come the clear perfected haromonies. It's kind of what i feel Grizzly Bear would sound if they got a little crazy. This is the opener and it successfully gives a preview of the entire album to come. When i say album I mean this is meant to be listened to as a whole. No individual song downloading from Itunes, no "I've heard a couple songs and it's pretty good" bullshit. This is an album you sit and listen to it, it was constructed that way, just like a movie, things unfold and flow into each other. These things don't come with a casual listen. Though it isn't impossible to take it in chunks, I just recommend you give the album one full go through before you start picking favorites.
In terms of the inevitable comparison I do when reviewing, I would definitely say these guys are on some kind of Psyche Pop freakout tip. Early Mercury Rev is a damn good comparison, same with Feels era Animal Collective. The music is very earthy and hippieish yet always with a foot firmly planted in the future and an eye on the horizon.
This album is one of those rare examples where a disjointed style and sound actually ties the whole album together.
This is highly recommended and might be the album of the year so far. After years of toying around with their sound the varying degrees of success these dudes have come full circle to the imagination packed first self titled album they released. It's no wonder they titled this one "self titled-2".
Anyone who likes the forward thinking side of indie rock needs to go out and get this immediately!!!!!

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  1. I think I will try to follow your advice and listen to the album all the way through before coming to an opinion, but this is a band that I've always had a problem getting in to. I don't remember what my previous experience with them was like, but here I have a feeling that this is a band reaching for "big" in a way that I don't really connected to.... the sort of heart-swelling epicness that Arcade Fire and every other mainstream indie band goes for. but! I will see what its like to process as a complete album