Friday, March 11, 2011

Rabbits-Lower Forms (2011)

01 Burn, Sun, Burn by deef deeferson
03 We Beat by deef deeferson

Two relapse reviews in 1 week, what are the odds!!!

These guys have been kicking it around various scenes for a few years, first with the hardcore/metalish band Angel Hair, then with the beloved synth punk band VSS(who even though from colorado were embraced by the late 90s San Diego scene) and most recently in the San Francisco based Pleasure Forever. All of those bands had distinctly different sounds and this one is no exception.
A little background on why i picked this up. I have been getting back into that old San Diego scene sound and had picked up two VSS albums in the clearance bin at Amoeba. i went to Aquarius and saw this album on their new release wall and the descriptive sleeve stated it was ex members from all 3 bands mentioned above, but the real sales pitch to me was there was an Aquarius review snippet that Relapse had used in the packaging stating the singer had a Yow like delivery and that the music was very indebted to Scratch Acid. This i would come to find out was pretty much bullshit. The singer sounds nothing like Yow in any capacity and the band really doesnt sound much like Scratch Acid either(i really dont know what Aquarius was thinking) but i am glad i bought it because this shit is awesome!
The vocals are like a less tough sounding Matt Pike mixed with Mastodon's Troy Sanders mixed with some familiar stuff i cant place right now.
The music is where it gets damn interesting. It's very hard to pinpoint though, the best i can say is it's like a sludge metal band getting hijacked by an experimental rock/post rock band. Which means its always hard but the melodies and rhythm structures are always all over the place and always interesting. It's like ADD sludge metal

I highly recommend this to anyone who likes Mastodon(pre ride the skye) High On fire and pretty much any interesting challenging hard rock.
This is what happens when veterans of the rock and punk scenes decide to do metal right!

oh yeah and for the love of god if you live in the bay area go see this band live at the knockout weds march 23rd, they are playing with vaz and burmese two other amazing bands!!!

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