Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Julianna Barwick-The Magic Place(2011)

01 Envelop by deef deeferson
02 Keep Up The Good Work by deef deeferson

On the surface this album seems like it would be amazing. Woman with a great singing voice looping herself to infinity and using her voice as 90% of the instrumentation with the rest fleshed out with ambient soundscapes. I mean it sounds soothing, trance-like and meditative...which it is! It is also pretty boring. Boring seems to work with this album though and I feel a lot of people would love it and I like it to a certain degree as well. It is a great cd to zone out to and put on the background while you are reading or doing something else. The problem with this is, I personally don't like to ignore the music i am putting on my stereo, i want to be engaged by what I am listening to. I dont own a restaurant or library or yoga studio where this music would be exceptionally appropriate. I, instead have my living room and this cd has the rest of my cd collection to compete against for my attention and it is definitely losing.
This is by no means a "bad" album. It is well executed, thought out and complete. Just, in these times, I don't have time for it and don't think I ever will. Like I said, if i ever need to create a calming atmosphere through sound i definitely know which album to reach for until then this one will gather dust on my shelf.

p.s. According to writer MRT this sounds a lot like Grouper, but i don't really listen to Grouper too much so i cant be a judge of that.

For fans of dreamy, spaced out minimalist music i would say you should check this out.

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