Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Opal - Happy Nightmare Baby (1987)

01 Rocket Machine by deef deeferson
02 Magick Power by deef deeferson

Man is it awesome when you find an older album that sounds completely fresh and current by today's standards! This album is a perfect slab of scuzzy drugged out plain and simple heavy slow rock. It predates Dead Meadow, The Kills, Moon Duo, Comets On Fire, you know all that kick ass leather jacket type rock. One major touchstone is definitely Royal Trux in both sound and construction.
This band was comprised of two major players in the Paisley Underground scene of the 80s. Now for those unfamiliar of the Paisley Underground, it was a micro scene that lasted roughly from 82-89 and consisted of quite a few bands going back to 60s bubblegum pop and byrdsian type rock and fusing it with the somewhat neo hippie fashion sense of floppy hats and bellbottoms. basically they loved the 60s and 20 years had gone by so it was time to revive.
The bands these two came from were The Rain Parade(David Roback, guitar) and the Dream Syndicate(Kendra Smith, bass and vocals). Both of these bands were huge in that scene. Guess what though....this album sounds nothing fucking like that shit!!!! at all! It seems like they tried very hard to distance themselves from their previous bands successes which works very well for this release.
There isnt too much i can say about this album except that it will hit the sweet spot for many of my friends, i mean i seriously cannot stress enough, if you are a fan of lazy kick ass rock complete with crazy solos and creepy organs this music is meant for you. Oh yeah this is for fans of T.Rex, if you ever wanted to hear t rex melodies within a comets on fire sound mixed with Royal Trux than this shit is yours!!!!!

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  1. I was expecting something more rocking given yr comets on fire and dead meadow mentions, but this is nice and mellow. I'm digging it!