Monday, February 7, 2011

Night Satan-Midnight Laser Warrior (2010)

01 Four Eyed Cyclops by deef deeferson
02 Death Chess 2000 by deef deeferson

hmmmmmmmmm so this is an interesting one and i still kind of dont know what to think about it. basically it's what i believe to be 3 guys from finland, and they have walls and walls of synths at their disposal. they also use electronic drums and have vocals for about 30 seconds on the first song. this stuff is like a weird cross between symphonic metal/cheesy 80s production/video game music(old school)/prog rock and some of the ambient/soundscapes of someone like tangerine dream or klaus schulze but all very new agey. On paper this must be sounding either awesome to some and like shit to most and that would be a correct assumption. I honestly cant tell if i am giving this album too much of a chance or if i am being blinded and it actually sucks.

there are a few things in its favor.
first, i have never heard an album like this(good thing and bad thing)
it does have quite a few amazing passages that evoke something like a futuristic goblin
i really love how they use the electronic drums, the programming is simple yet satisfying.
the album art is amazing!

the cons:
its cheesy as shit
its really really cheesy

i mean this shit is fucking dorky!!!!!!!!

but for the first time in one of my reviews i am completely offering up my authority and i want others to please tell me what they think of this thing
i am just posting the 1st 2 tracks
enjoy and get back to me!


  1. I had listened to a track or two by these guys before you wrote this review and had a similarly uncertain reaction to them. to me however "cheesiness" isn't really a big factor when deciding if I like something, and it only really matters to me when a band is cheesy without meaning to be. these guys are pretty upfront and unselfconscious about the seriousness of this- look at the cover! and the name! so basically what it comes down to is whether or not this is INTERESTING and personally I don't think it is. I like shit like this OK but I'm not super obsessed about it: Zombi and Trans Am already do stuff like this and I think its pretty boring when they do, and I don't think this band is really bringing anything new. I guess if you are sick of your collection of John Carpenter soundtracks and are fiending for more this would probably hit the spot, because it's not BAD- but to everyone else, I doubt this will stand out too much.

  2. yeah i definitely agree, i have been listening to it off and on since i wrote the review and its very lackluster, there is something about the simple drum programming i like a lot though

  3. Once that first track picks up and theres sort of a synth lead going on with some really fast arpeggiator sequences its actually pretty tight. But the first half of it is really really plodding and unimaginative- both in the choice of notes and the synth tones. Zero hook, you know?

    Sweet concert listing section ---------->

  4. there are tons of bands doing this shit, to name a few: Umberto (buy their last album on nnf, great!), Majeure, some of the ruralfaune synth series.

  5. sorry anonymous i miswrote, they dont have drum machines it's actually all live drumming on an electronic drum bad...might i ask anonymous...who are you????

  6. Just a fan of Nightsatan. :)

  7. This band is fan-freaking-tastic.