Monday, February 14, 2011

The Dirtbombs - Party Store (2011)

01 Cosmic Cars by deef deeferson
02 Sharevari by deef deeferson

So this is a very interesting one, in both concept and sound. First off, a few details about this album in concept: this is a Dirtbombs record with all the same members(plus 1 special guest i will mention later), it is a covers album(they have done this before), it's a covers album of 9 detroit techno songs made popular by the likes of Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, Kevin Saunderson, 2 Cybotron songs, and Derrick May to name just some of the original song authors.
Now in case you aren't familiar with the Dirtbombs music prior to this, they have always been a soulful garage rock band led by Mick Collins who used to front The Gories. They have always been consistent and pretty much awesome their entire existence.
This album is a whole different beast altogether.

Let's talk about sound.

One thing i can say is that the drum/guitar interplay catches my attention the most and it can come of as both equally amazing and boring. i say amazing because in order to pull off some of this stuff on actual instruments is hard as hell, i say boring because of that same reason these riffs can sound boring as all hell in their repetition on traditional rock instruments. Some songs sound fresh and moving due to their original author's sense of rhythm others sound bloated and repetitive because their isnt much of an earworm of a riff or pattern to it. To me this album was going to divide ears no matter who was listening, i just didnt think it would divide them so much within the album song to song, i thought this would be more of a "this album is amazing" vs "this album is garbage" kind of scenario.
The album is cheesy, cool, aggressive, playful, it basically is a long list of contradictions and this does bleed into the sound quite a lot, while i love the opener "cosmic cars" i kind of hate "good life" and so on. But above all the collaboration between the dirtbombs and Carl Craig on the 20 minute centerpiece "Bug in the Bass Bin" needs to be heard to be believed...and yes i did just say collaboration Craig plays analog synth on the track!

Now even though this album is a whole new concept i have never seen before, i have heard some of these sounds before. I hear a lot of Echoes period Rapture going on, i also hear a lot of the first OUTHUD album. There is a little bit of Soulwax in there as well.

This album is in no way a disappointment at all, i think the concept is very interesting and i feel the music matches up to the originals pretty well also. I think i would definitely recommend this album to a detroit techno fan over a fan of the dirtbombs because to be honest unless you have a real open mind or love detroit techno and you are a dirtbombs fan this will probably be your least favorite album of theirs. if you like adventure and weirdness and electronic music this will most likely be your favorite album of theirs.

so head on down to the party store and see what happens when a hero in one genre honors heroes of another.

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