Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Buke and Gass - Riposte (2010)

03 Your Face Left Before You by deef deeferson
11 Bundletuck by deef deeferson

I had heard rumblings about this album a few months ago, i remember stereogum doing a feature on them and i believe dusted really liked it as well, but i sat on it. i think i heard 1 song that was pretty decent and just moved onto other things(not a very responsible music critic but oh well).
So what is this band's deal? well it's two people named Aron/Arone who made two instruments one is a bass ukelele(Buke) the other is a bass/guitar hybrid(Gass) and they play these on every song. Each song is backed by a few other various instruments and thudding loud as shit drumming that really doesnt go beyond the tom/kick combo played at the same time in alternating patterns.
This style to songwriting means that inherently all the songs will sound similar. They do but not in a bad way and they vary the melodies enough to not get stale instead of songs that sound the same you instead end up with an overall feeling to the album...which to me means consistency and an original sound they can ride for the duration.

Now where does this album stand in the musical evolution timeline and who do i feel they are influenced by? Well just think about every good strong female voice out there in the rock/indie rock world. there are touches of Marnie Stern, Sleater Kinney, Neko Case, Geraldine Fibbers, Fiona Apple, and the list could really go on and on. This is not to say that Arone is a rip off in her vocals at all instead she finds a nice niche in between all of these acts and calls on a voice all her own. At once operatic than turning into blistering rock wails to almost coy cutesy type stuff. Her voice carries this stuff beyond a normal indie rock act.

The music i havent been able to pinpoint as well, it's definitely got a caveman-like stomp to it and they are all about repetition in the way 20th century minimal composers were, but this isnt minimal in the slightest, there is a lot going on.

Some of you reading this might hate it for being to normal and indie rockish others will praise it for carrying on the traditions of the greats that have come before them. at any rate this should be an interesting listen for anyone clicking on those samples down there...and for the record if i had paid attention to this earlier it would have easily made my albums of 2010 list.

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