Monday, January 24, 2011

Deerhoof - Vs. Evil (2011)

So I am going to start 2011 off with a review of a band that all the writers here at Speed Glue and Music are all very familiar with and some of us did and still love. Somewhat of a San Francisco legacy/tradition within the music scene. You could always turn to this band for some form of inventiveness and creativity, be it with their music, their live performances, their involvement with movie soundtracks, etc....These guys bring it, and this album is no exception. Now i have to say I was pretty disappointed with the last 2 albums(friend opportunity and Offend Maggie) the former for being too cutesy and a little too polished and the latter for feeling bloated and boring(especially since i was excited about the inclusion of ed rodriguez) but they have bounced back. They have kept most of the electronic flourishes adopted for Friend Opportunity but instead added a bit of a sense of dread and if not dread than just a little bit of darkness and grit. The album most closely resembles a mix between Milk Man and The Runners Four. There is a little touch of Apple O in the guitar tones but not much else is intact from their genius 2nd and 3rd albums.

There is pretty much only one addition to their sound(that i will include below) that i must make note of, i really like the addition of flamenco guitar on the song "no one asked to dance" other than that this is pretty much your standard Deerhoof album.

I would say for a fan of Deerhoof, this is a must buy. For a casual fan of Deerhoof or for someone who has fallen out of favor with Deerhoof, this is a must download and for anyone new to Deerhoof i recommend listening to anything from Reveille-The Runners Four.

This will please quite a bit of people i think and i find it a fitting intro into the year 2011 for speed glue and music!

also in the spirit of local music and the spirit of San Francisco(home to 1/2 of the members of this blog)


04 No One Asked to Dance by deef deeferson
03 The Merry Barracks by deef deeferson

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