Monday, November 15, 2010

Sufjan Stevens - The Age Of Adz (2010)

02 Too Much by deef deeferson
03 Age Of Adz by deef deeferson

So the deal with this album is that it's supposed to be "his weird one", which, to the uninitiated would seem absolutely appropriate but you see back in 2001 mr. Stevens released an instrumental all electronic album in the vein of Mouse on Mars called Enjoy Your Rabbit. So, in a sense he has already "been weird". To me this album isn't weird at's damn awesome! The formula is simple and the results are complicated. The formula is him taking his background in abstract electronics and applying it to his grand sweeping orchestral pop, simple enough, but the results are intense. The songs basically all either take the old approach of his music and pepper it with very subtle studio tricks but the best tracks take the maximalist approach of throwing everything in and they come off as more electronic than organic. The closest comparison albums i can make to this one are definitely The Fiery Furnaces Blueberry Boat and Radiohead's Kid A. It's this seamless blend of electronics and pop that make those albums along with their ridiculous sense of adventure. It seems here that Sufjan really wanted to make something huge and way more ridiculous than his previous "huge" sounding album and he succeeds completely. This record sounds like a mess, it sounds ugly yet it is graceful as well and very beautiful. The songs are longer, the ideas more ridiculous the evolution of music taking hold of a person and allowing them to be swallowed up by sound. This record is meant to be listened to loud and i thank Mr. Stevens for not giving a shit about what the indie community wants him to sound like and doing his own thing and rewarding all the people who honor innovation in music, not standing still and always pushing forward.

Oh and if this means he is abandoning the States Project than good i'll take more of this any day!


  1. hmmm.... this is pretty different. is it just me, or did his voice change in some strange way?

  2. man, the music behind everything is kind of amazing actually. the first track you previewed would have been perfect though if he had altered his voice kid-a style. kinda disappointed to hear his regular wiener voice on that first one. and on the second one his voice definitely sounds way different. pretty interesting though.