Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wolf Eyes-Dead Hills (2002)/King Crimson-Providence (1974)

01 Dead Hills (Album Version) by skeefersutherland

04 Providence by skeefersutherland

What does the sound of sheer terror sound like? What does the sound of being chased by an unseen force through darkness sound like? What does the sound of the hairs on the back of your neck standing up sound like? Is there music that I can't listen to at night? Is there music that I have a hard time getting through when I am home alone?

The answer to all these questions lies within these 2 tracks. Separated by almost 3 decades but traversing similar territory these two songs to me transcend time and place. These songs go beyond music to create a feeling of dread and paranoia. It goes beyond music to a sound realm that provokes me to look over my shoulder even when my back is against a wall. In a way i hate these two songs because they honestly have the ability to scare the shit out of me to varying degrees, they are both compelling and repelling. They might be two of the best sound compositions I have ever come across. To acknowledge that these two "songs" were created in a studio in a professional setting with sound engineers and actual musicians without a portal to hell in the middle of the room with demons swirling above is beyond me, I can't do it. To even fathom that the Wolf Eyes track was done with electronics and some vocals is disgusting to me. To know that Robert Fripp and company were able to pull this from out of their souls puts any association Jimmy Page had with Alister Crowley into a "who cares" category. This is the sound of dread and despair and I dare you to listen to these with the lights off in the house alone!


  1. yes!!!! i was thinking about writing about the scariest music and was wondering if you'd write about that wolf eyes album!

  2. I just remembered that I own(ed) a wolf eyes t-shirt and have no idea whatsoever what happened to it. how does that even happen??? maybe malevolent spirits stole it from the laundry