Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween List 2010

Well it is Halloween 2010, and I should have posted this earlier. Instead of picking a couple of Halloween albums to highlight, I have made a list for you to choose what to listen to at your own discrepancy. All of these, some old some new, are suitable for the darkest day of the year. Also, please add to the list in the quotes section if you want to recommend cool shit I have left out. Happy Halloween.

Portal-Outre' (Profound Lore 2007)

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The Caretaker-Persistent Repetition Of Phrases (Install 2008)

Paysage D'Hiver-S/T (Kunsthall Produktionen 1999)

Ofermod-Mysterion Tes Anomias (Norma Evangelium Diaboli 2005)

Lustmord-The Place Where The Black Stars Hang (Side Effects 1994)

Kinit Her-Divine Names (Brave Mysteries 2010)

Katharsis-Kruzifixxion (Norma Evangelium Diaboli 2003)

Funeral Mist-Maranatha (Norma Evangelium Diaboli 2009)

Horna-Sanojesi Äärelle (Moribund Records 2008)

Dead Congregation-Grave Of The Archangels (Nuclear War Now! Productions 2008)

Deathspell Omega-Inquisitors Of Satan (Northern Heritage 2002)

Darkthrone-Transilvanian Hunger (Peaceville 1994)

Ramleh-Hole In The Heart (Dirter Promotions 2009)

Skullflower-Strange Keys To Untune Gods' Firmament (Neurot Recordings 2010)

Woe-A Spell For The Death Of Man (Stronghole Records 2008)

T.O.M.B.-Macabre Noize Royale (Todestrieb Records 2007)

Spectral Lore-I (Saturnine Society 2006)

Swans-Public Castration Is A Good Idea (Thirsty Ear 1999)

Thomas Köner-Permafrost (Barooni 1993)

Watain-Casus Luciferi (Drakkar Productions 2003)

Weakling-Dead As Dreams (tUMULt 2000)

Wold-Screech Owl (Profound Lore 2007)

Incursus-Eternal Funeral Trance (Forever Plagued Records 2009)

GZA-Liquid Swords (Geffens Records 1995)

Brainbombs-Urge To Kill (Load 1999)

Black Vomit-Jungle Death (Rusty Axe 2009)

Jute Gyte-Old Ways (Jeshimoth 2008)

Kevin Drumm-Imperial Distortion (Hospital Productions 2008)

Khnuth-Behind The Threshold Of Visions (Nomos Dei 2009)

Moss-Sub Templum (Candlelight USA 2008)

Nahvalr-Nahvalr (Enemies List Home Recording 2008)

Nihill-Grond (Hydra Head 2009)

Revenge-Infiltration.Downfall.Death (Osmose Productions 2008)

Robedoor-Rancor Keeper (Release The Bats 2007)

Locrian-Drenched Lands (Small Doses 2009)

Gnaw Their Tongues-Die Mutter Wählt Das Todtenkleidchen (Universal Consciousness 2009)

RST-Tomorrow's Void (Utech Records 2008)

Peter Wright-At Last A New Dawn (Students Of Decay 2007)

COIL-Horse Rotorvator (Force & Form 1986)


  1. awesome list!!! i was going to make a transilvanian hunger jack o lantern, but i got lazy. some of these I haven't heard... i'll have to check em out

  2. wow i haven't heard like any of these! love me some scary music, so i'll have to check some shit out.
    no wolf eyes, tho?