Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yawn-EP (2010)

02 Kind of Guy by Ridiculous
04 Empress by Ridiculous

So at first listen these guys might sound to you like an Animal Collective and you wouldn't be wrong in saying that. These guys take a lot from current AC stuff and even a little Panda Bear solo sound too, but to me the difference is they kind of distill the sound until it's very polished and the pop is brought to the foreground. In these 5 songs they manage to take all the best elements to the AC sound and purify it. Some people might complain about this but i feel it just highlights sounds most fans loved already. I dont know much about these guys except that they are from Chicago and they blend electronic and live instrumentation and they seem truly indebted to Paw Tracks.

call it a rip off, call it unoriginal. i call it the next logical step and damn enjoyable and i look forward to a full length from these guys.

perfect for summer!

also you can download the ep for free at

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  1. i don't wanna be a hater but..... this really isn't my cup of tea i guess