Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Body-All the Waters of the Earth Turn To Blood (2010)

03 Empty Hearth by destroy the scene
04 Even Saints Knew Their Hour of Failure and Loss by destroy the scene

So apparently this band has been around for a while, i had never heard of them up until a few weeks ago and this is their second album in about 10 years in existence. They are a two piece from providence, Rhode Island and play a super weird version of doom metalesque music. The feel of the album is kind of like a Sunn O))) album with most of the studio production ground down to a grit like state while incorporating a wider range of genre assimilation. There are a lot of instruments on this album which is very atypical for doom metal. They incorporate saxophone, piano, choruses, sousaphones, and a lot of subtle sampling. This last element makes them very unique to the doom scene. They sample in a similar vein as ministry or the butthole surfers, lots of loops and religious imagery.

Right off the bat the album opens with 7 minutes of a choir. nothing done to it just 7 minutes of a women's choir singing. Then the doom starts but its not pummeling and the choir is still bringing it in the background. the next song is pretty straight forward doom metal in the vein of harvey milk. but the third track is when they really start to get weird. it starts with a super sped up vocal sample that sounds like a split between an auctioneer and someone speaking in tongues. then drums and guitar come in and the vocals, all the while the cutting and splicing of the samples is getting thrown up and down in tempo and stops and starts and it sounds as if the song is going to collapse and die but then it gets picked up again. and then it all ends with the singer screaming and tuvan throat singing. pretty inventive stuff.

by the way the vocals on the entire album are basically a strangled screaming style, it's pretty unique and if you like it from the start it works the whole way through. it really does sound like someone pleading for their life the whole time though and it can get pretty brutal.

all in all the albums sound harkens back to a lot of the 90s industrial experimental music and then brings it full circle with a lot of modern doom and ends up being this really creative flowing doom album that draws inspiration from many different corners of the musical landscape, highly recommended for people who want a little craziness with their daily dose of metal. here's looking at you alex!