Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sir Lord Baltimore - Kingdom Come (1970) & Sir Lord Baltimore (1971)

03 Hell Hound by destroy the scene
04 Helium Head (I Got a Love) by destroy the scene
08 Lady of Fire by destroy the scene
To me this is it. This is it when it comes to proto metal from the 70s. Now a lot of people argue that Sabbath were the first metal band and they do have these guys beat by 1 year or that Zeppelin were the first(same thing with the 1 year thing) and while SLB's sound is more akin to Zeppelin and definately have the attitude of Sabbath, I think they took things just a little bit further in terms of intensity and passion. They used just as much distortion as Sabbath but did it more in the style of Zep. Now you may wonder why i am only mentioning Zeppelin and Sabbath, well it's because besides those two there really wasnt anyone doing anything like this and i consider them the first 3 for this particular sound.

From the opening riffs the distortion and intensity is apparent. When the drums and bass come in together you realize this was something new and hard and fresh for 1970 and music in general. The whole sound is a perfectly corrugated sound of squealing guitar solos, funky yet muscular bass lines and drumming that puts both the aforementioned bands to shame, not to mention the drummer doubles as the lead vocalist. the closest comparison to a modern drummer i can think of would be dave grohl with his work in queens of the stone age, nirvana and them crooked vultures.

the vocals kind of take a less clean and less operatic robert plant while still maintaining all of his passion. the lyrics are usually either about women or sorcery type stuff, so its definitely in the Zep vein.

this comes highly recommended and i personally feel the first of these two albums complete a nice trilogy of the godfathers of metal along with Zep 1 and self titled Sabbath with these guys in between the two. this is also a definite influence on nwobhm and speed and thrash

enjoy and dont spend too much time looking for a physical copy of this, it took me 5 years and a decent price.

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