Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Geza X and the Mommymen - You Goddam Kids! (1982)

02 Rio Grande Hotel by destroy the scene
04 We Need More Power by destroy the scene
05 Isotope Soap by destroy the scene

This is what it sounds like when you are surrounded by every bit of musical influence around you, every major player in the west coast scene, recording these major players, having the ability to make records, your best friend is brendan mullen(owner of the first la punk club le masque) and have friends in equally high and low places. this is the sum of someone knowing black flag, wall of voodoo, the germs, the go-gos,oingo boingo and countless others in the la punk and rock scenes and having a hand in helping them write their music.

take all that and then add a music obsessed personality coupled with a bit of insanity(he dabbled in culty music ideas and ESP) and basically remove the filter. taking influences from zappa, the residents, devo, quirky novelty music from the turn of the century, circus music, then add what i wrote about above and then manage to predict the careers of basically ween, the dead milkmen, and they might be giants and you have Geza X.

this guy was on a mission and his mission was to basically fuck up the punk scene he helped build, if he didnt succeed with fucking it up entirely he definately fucked with it, with the help from some of the best musicians from the era including, don bolles(drummer of the germs), dj bonebrake(X), and Joe Nanini(wall of voodoo).

this album is kind of a hard pill to swallow, it has a very awkward feel to it, it sounds pretty 80s but it also does sound like a 70s punk album, but this is also much more and the ideas are all over the place and gems are to be found throughout


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