Friday, April 30, 2010

Th' Faith Healers - Imaginary Friend (1993)

01 Sparklingly Chime by destroy the scene

02 Heart Fog by destroy the scene

03 See-Saw by destroy the scene

To be honest for years i wrote these guys off without hearing a note of music. why? well i always thought from their name that they were some sort of wilcoesque americana band that was probably dark and full of religious imagery with just that touch of dark country sound not unlike neko case, possibly it sounded like current Dylan. whatever image i came up with in my mind all i knew was that i didn't want to hear it, i had heard enough americana and i didnt need any more soul searching horseshit in my music collection.

i was dead wrong.

they aren't even American. they are from England. early to mid 90s. what got me to check them out was the's noise rock list. both their albums ranked in the top 200 releases and i kind of got a "what the hell?" reaction and listened to a few tracks. it wasn't neccesarily noise rock but it definately had elements. and it turned out to be quite awesome. it predates quite a lot of stuff while taking from it's own time and borrowing from the not so distant past.

a summation of their sound is both easy and hard to describe. they have elements of My Bloody Valentine in some songs, The Breeders and just a lot of the 90s alt girl lead groups in general in others. they have elements of what Pavement would sound like on Brighten the Corners a few years down the road and you can tell Modest Mouse were paying close attention to the guitars. and some of these songs contain all the above elements thrown together. the one trick i notice this band likes to use is dynamics, they learned this mostly from the pixies, the whole quiet to loud thing, except where the pixies were never really that quiet and never really that loud this band truly goes from quiet to LOUD. they also definately have a post rock feel ala slint and rodan but less dark. the lyrics are hard to make out and there is a lot of talk singing. the music is super melodic at tmes(mostly in the singing)

also this band wouldn't be out of place in the whole chill wave lo fi thing going on today.
i highly recommend this for anyone who likes a band who wear their influeneces on their sleeve and who dig out their own special niche due to the time and place of their existence

also the album just plain rocks

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