Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Akitsa - Au Crépuscule De L'espérance (2010)

AKITSA - Les sentinelles by m.r.t
AKITSA - Loyauté by m.r.t
AKITSA - Le dernier putsch by m.r.t
AKITSA - Antithèse by m.r.t

The new Akitsa album on Hospital Productions is another unique slab of weird Black Metal, experimental noise, and odd pop structures mixed into one. I think the band is a one man band from French Canada, but I cannot find much information on them. All I know is that the band is apparently from Canada and the album titles are in French and many of the songs are sung in French. Regardless though, for the past decade this band has been releasing extremely noisy, reverb heavy records that test Black Metal purists because at one point the songs are steeped in black metal aesthetics and sound design, but have more in common with pop rhythms that share more with Cold Cave and the 80s synthpop sound.but the record does feature straight up black metal blast beats (although mixed weird) and rock drum patterns. This sound makes since because Dominick Fernow, who is Prurient and runs Hospital, is a member of Cold Cave. The vocals are also really bizarre because they stray the line between the demonic vocal impersonations that many Black Metal singers use ("Morsure"), while indulging in more melodramatic, but interesting and intense screams that are more akin to Bone Awl ("Cercueil national"), and some French Pop-Rock/Punk delivery ("Loyauté"). Also, the production is steeped in reverberated shit that seems to favor a more mid to high frequency range, with the low frequencies barely coming through on the drums. This type of production is the kind of grimy Black Metal that I tend to gravitate to because of the harshness of the sound, through the level of shitty recording, that adds a certain dirtiness to the music, which makes it sound more brutal and abrasive. The meshing of many genres makes the new Akitsa album a pretty worthwhile listen because the band still seems to be refusing the strictness of the Black Metal sound, while simultaneously carving their own way within the genre. Also, on the track "Vers la mort" the vocals sound like if EYE from the first Boredoms' album Soul Discharge sung on a Black Metal track, which is pretty impressive and strange.


  1. i am definately digging this, it's got a pretty unique sound for black metal

  2. yeah Akitsa are one of the weirdest and best because of that