Friday, March 12, 2010

These New Puritans-Hidden (2010)

01 Time Xone by destroy the scene
02 We Want War by destroy the scene
06 Fire-Power by destroy the scene

So I have to be honest, I completly slept on these guys when they first came out, they had an album last year that I ignored because it just seemed to be another one of those dancy indie rock know, dime a dozen these days. So about a week ago i started seeing reviews for their new album and people kept mentioning how their first album wasn't an indie dance rock album but instead more like a Wire album mixed with The Fall. So i quickly became interested. I became even more interested when i started hearing that their new album was a complete 180. I read rumblings of 20th century modern composer influence, world music influence, ties to the dubstep scene in London, and just a complete reinvention and great leap forward in sound.

so i picked it up.

I havent heard their first album but my god this thing is crazy. it's all over the place but is all tied together. there are definate classical influences, definate post punk influences, some dancehall, a lot of worldy percussion, some club banger influence and the singing is all done in a thick British accent but it veers from chanting to singing to semi rapping(more like talk singing).

The album begins with a 2 minute classical instrumental

then fucking explodes with this groovy menacing electronic influenced monster of a song called "We Want War"
now in the press these guys state how musicians who arent trying are garbage and that art is meant to entice and not entertain, hence the difference between art and entertainment. i have to disagree with their stance a bit because i feel art and entertainment can go hand in hand and this is damn entertaining art i am listening to, but i do kind of get where they are coming from. i admire the ambition and i think more bands should have ambition and i absolutely love when bands defy all expectations with their releases. some examples would be "blueberry boat" by the fiery furnaces and the early liars output, stuff like that that makes you go "what the hell?"

the rest of the album does an amazing job of blending all sorts of easily recognizable styles into something of a new and unique sound.

other highlights of the album are definately "attack music" which samples knives being sharpened and does actually sound like an aural attack, also fire-power is the best male british version of M.I.A. i think there will ever be. throughout the album are awesome little classical interludes that harken back to the first track and motifs repeat all through the album, it feels like a concept album where the concept lies completely with the music and not at all with meaning or lyrics.

these kids hunkered down and made something fresh, new and exciting in 2010 and that my friends is really hard to do and for that i commend them.

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  1. i like this. it's a great example of rock thinking outside the box.