Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Label: Stunned Records

cover to Tricorn & Queue - Ashes Wander
I thought I would highlight a really cool tape/cd-r label that has piqued my interest as of late. Stunned Records from Long Beach/now Portland is run by Philip and Myste French and have been releasing music since 2008. Stunned have released over 70 releases and produce a run of about half a dozen or so cassettes and CD-Rs every once in a while, and in, unfortunately, limited quantities (usually a run of a 100 or less and they sell out very fast). Yet, the music is of an exceptional note in a myriad sea of lo-fi cassette and CD-R labels. Stunned seems to specialize in the blissful, yet heavily murky, psyched out side of lo-fi noise bringing to mind some of the Jewelled Antler bands from the first half of the decade and some of the weird Finnish freak folk/electronic music of the past couple years. Some highlights are: Super Minerals-Clusters (cassette-yes this one made it on tinymixtapes 2009 year end list), Rambutan-Broken Infinity(CD-R), Tricorn & Queue-Ashes Wander (cassette), Pimmon-Steered In Smash Ascent (cassette), Sean McCANN-Open Resolve (cassette), Enfer Boreal-The Birth of Venus (CD-R), Sparkling Wide Pressure-Seven Inside And Out(cassette), Sudden Oak-Banquet Years(cassette), Excavations-Excavations(cassette), Analog Concept-Impressions(CD-R), Antique Brothers & The Family Band-Digger Gold(cassette), The Magnetic North Duo-Midnight Safari Blues(CD-R), Granitkorridor-III(cassette). Your best bet for finding any of these releases are: stunned records' blogspot-where you can find new releases, discogs, thor's hammer, discriminate records, tomentosa records, ebay, or if they're completely gone, download them. Oh yeah, the artwork the label uses is some of the best I have ever seen for a cassette/CD-R label, nice packaging and, usually, variations on the same type of graphics style is used on all the releases. The graphic style has evolved over time since the label began, and, from what I have seen so far, the artwork of a particular stylistic theme is used on a handful of releases before changing into a new graphic style for the next set of releases.
Enfer Boréal - Venus 1 - The Birth Of Venus by m.r.t
Rambutan - Cloudy Vision - Broken Infinity by m.r.t
Tricorn & Queue - A3 - Ashes Wonder by m.r.t


  1. wow awesome stuff mark! rad first post!! I hope you don't mind any of the formatting stuff I did. I really like the continuity of artwork between Stunned releases, that's a sweet idea. it gives the label some identity

  2. yeah this is pretty kick ass i really liked rambutan out of the three the most, do these guys have a tight knit community or do they accept demos from anyone? i would love to try and get my ep to these guys i think it might fit. but yeah nice first post! glad to see you on speed glue and music...keep em coming

  3. this is some really nice stuff man. thanks for posting it.