Monday, March 15, 2010

Liars - Sisterworld (2010)

1-05 Scarecrows On A Killer Slant by destroy the scene

i have to say i was incredibly dissapointed with the last self titled Liars album. i thought it lacked focus, had a few good tracks(3) and just bored me to tears. it really wasnt a leap anywhere, it didnt go forward and it didnt go back it just kind of did nothing.

This new album is much better. though it doesnt come with the same excitement that "They were wrong" and "Drum's not dead" came with, this album is just a better album and a slight return to form. no new ground is really being broken but for some reason the song writing just comes off as much stronger this time around. there are genuine thrilling moments (like when the hard stuff kicks in on "scissor") and genuine well thought out moments of reflection.

unfortunatly it just seems that Liars have lost a good amount of their experimentation within their sound, one used to be able to count on them to blow minds instead they are just making new music out of the materials they used to blow minds back in the day. no suprises and better songwriting make for an ok album with some real highlights.

this is not essential listening but fans of Liars should pick it up, it will not go down as anything important, it's legacy is just gonna be another weird rock album released in the 00s

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  1. this seems kind of interesting.... from what I gather, the last two Liars albums have been less "weird" and more focused on songwriting, but Liars have always been better at being weird than they are at writing songs