Friday, March 26, 2010

Hans Edler-Elektron Kukeso (1971)

01 Jag söker efter kärlek by destroy the scene
07 Säg vad är det by destroy the scene
09 My Third Eye by destroy the scene
11 Miscalculation by destroy the scene

I bought this on a whim at amoeba because i was in the prog section and i saw this cd with elaborate packaging and an obi(little strip mostly used in japan to describe an album or put critical recommendations on) with Thurston Moore talking about how crazy and original the album was. it was expensive but it looked like some sort of lost holy grail of music. a hidden gem if you will.
what it turned out to be was a slightly poppy, completely electronic and fairly amateurish album. it was all sung in Swedish and all the electronics were all made out of little bleeps and bloops, a long way from any kind of modern sounding electronic music, it was more in the vein of music concrete and a lot like Subotnick but with a hybrid of Scott Walker and Brian Eno on the mic.
this is a truly cool little album, it sounds like the guy almost doesnt know what he is doing but sometimes it feels like he is a master at this giant computer system he is playing. melodies float in and out through the space and tones match and then mismatch with the vocal melodies, giving the whole thing a feeling of outsider music
a little background on the guy; he apparently was a great producer or engineer in 60s Sweden along with being in two of their first ever rock bands one called Mike Doughan and the Ghostriders and the other being the We 4.He also was a teen idol during this period who loved to fuck with the popular media by declaring that people need to start paying attention to music more as a serious artform and wearing eye patches for photo this time he had access to and was a big part of the EMS studios in Sweden, which was considered the most state of the art electronic based recording studio in the world at the time. he started his own label to distribute prog, rock, religious and children's music. In 1971 he made this album by just spending the ample hours provided to him by EMS studios to create this art piece. He apparently pressed something like 500 copies by himself for his own label and then nothing happened, no one cared, it sold its 500, he didnt make anymore and time went on and he continued to produce bands and release others work. apparently currently he doesnt do too much these days.

you can definately hear traces of every kind of electronic music being made today in some of these recordings. i have no doubt in my mind that this is an essential piece of electronic and music history in general and should be focused upon by explorers of the evolution of electronic composition. this is not an entirely pleasant listen but an essential one nonetheless.

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