Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gal Costa-Gal(1969)

02 Tuareg  by  destroy the scene
08 Objeto Sim, Objeto Não  by  destroy the scene

So recently I have gotten deep into the Tropicalia movement that came out of Brazil in the mid 60s to the early 70s. in this short period of time a lot of art was happening in Brazil due to the political climate being very unstable, i dont know too much about the political history of the country at this point but i do know that art became increasingly more avant garde and aggressive towards the oppressive government at the time. Out of this came a number of musicians, mostly centered around Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil(both of which would be exiled to London by the Brazilian government due to anti establishment and political rantings). some of these artists stayed behind because they were less involved in the political side of things, among these artists were Os Mutantes, Tom Ze, Jorge Ben and best of all Gal Costa.

Gal Costa was well trained singer with a wild voice filled with much control. she is able to sound gentle and ferocious at the same time, weird and accessible, she is a great example of contradictions. Currently she is regarded as the greatest female singer in Brazil's history. Back in the 60s and early 70s she was known for exploring crazy amounts of musical ground and this culminated in what could arguably be called the weirdest Tropicalia album of all time.

The forward thinking use of the effects pedals at the time is mindblowing in just how far out they went with it, also sincethey didnt have access to all the stuff europe and america
The album is both beautiful and frightening, experimentation clashes with traditional South American rhythms, odd instruments are thrown around with wreckless abandon. some songs are definately psych rock influenced, some folk, some cheesy samba, some 60s style pop all of it whipped up together to form one of the greatest albums of all time.

so i am gonna throw some songs up there and ill let you be the judge

you may not be able to understand a word but you will shit your pants(unless you are fluent in spanish)


  1. woah this is really, really good

  2. btw they speak portuguese in brazil, not spanish

  3. ha thanks yeah sarah and i were trying to figure it out it sounded to us like a mix of french and spanish, but yeah portuguese makes sense