Thursday, February 25, 2010

Joanna Newsom-Have One On Me

1-01 Easy by destroy the scene

There really isnt a lot to say about this album, other than it is solid, her voice is more controlled, the string flourishes of Ys are mostly gone, she sounds a lot like really good early Joni Mitchell on these discs. To sustain such a high quality of music over the 2 hour running time of this album is pretty incredible, granted it's not like she is genre hopping or experimenting as much as she has in the past, but the words are all still there and her harp is augmented by drums, guitar, piano, and various other instruments. She sounds a lot more confident and calm on this release and she seems to have way more control over her voice. a lot of times on this album she reminds me of Kate Bush without all the weird flourishes and a little of Tori Amos(but in a good way) just very thoughtful singer songwriter music that really isnt all that weird.

i highly recommend this
i highly recommend chilling out with a cup of coffee to this
i highly recommend listening to this on a cloudy rainy day


  1. i highly recommend going back in time to obtain a certain special photograph...

  2. this track sounds pretty good so far. why does joanna newsom have the market on shitty album covers locked down, though?