Wednesday, February 3, 2010

final fantasy - heartland (2010)

I should like this album, i want to like this album. i liked his last one, it's not unlike his last one that much. it has all the elements i like in music, it's basically indie pop with grandiose strings and weird time signatures , catchy vocal melodies, weird percussion. On a few of these songs all these elements gel together beautifully yet the rest of the album falls flat to me. it feels as the album goes on that all emotion is sucked out of it, the only emotion is a fleeting one left by the strings and my attachment to classical music which i feel is sort of engrained in myself for some reason. it all feels very calculated, very little spontinaity within the music(this is probably due to the fact that he is mainly a string arranger and it's all meticulously composed before hand) but regardless this album just loses all of its genuine goodness that is supposed to be there. the album starts to bleed together.

basically the thing sounds great, is recorded great, but nothing grabs me, aside from the first 3 tracks this album feels like a calculated soulless piece of art. i would say it was a mess but it is anything but, there isnt a speck of dust on this thing, not one germ lurking in a corner. this is what happens when indie pop gets sterilized.

what does it sound like?? well take one part beirut, one part sufjan stevens, a little morrissey in the vocals at times, add a shitload of strings and then have song structures that echo the arcade fire's funeral(he did the string arrangements for that album) and a little bit of tortoise influenced percussion. it sounds like it would be great on paper but it comes off seeming better than it actually is.



  1. I see there are no synth pop listings on the site. This 80s group may change your outlook a bit:

  2. i love synth pop, especially stuff like OMD but this is good too