Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Billy Nichols - Would You Believe (1968)

01 Would You Believe by destroy the scene
What happens when you have a 16 year old kid who listens to Pet Sounds when it comes out in 1966, usually nothing, someone who likes the album, but that's not the case with Billy here. He had friends and connections and time and talent and he wanted to make the british version of Pet Sounds. He did. He enlisted Andrew Oldham(discoverer and manager of the Rolling Stones) to produce, John Paul Jones to do the string arrangements and play bass and the Small Faces to round out his backing band. Basically this isnt so much like Pet Sounds as it is like the Zombies Oddyssey and Oracle and the Kinks' Village Green Preservation Society. Every song is a 60s sunshine pop masterpiece. 18! this kid was fucking 18 when he made this shit!!!!! what were you doing at 18?? i sure as shit wasnt doing this! oh and this album didnt go anywhere, apparently they made 500 vinyl copies that made it to labels, radio stations, london record stores and musician friends, it didnt catch on and everyone involved including Billy apparently didnt care. i do though and you should check it out

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  1. i LOVE LOVE this album. i didn't know nichols was 18 when he made this though, that's insane!