Friday, December 4, 2009

The Millennium - Begin (1968)

every once in a while an album comes along that sounds both completely of it's time and ahead of it's time at the same time. They are very rare, very special and an affirmation that the more you try in music the easier it is to break new ground without alienating any sort of perceived audience.

The influences that make up this album are easy to spot. it sounds like Nilsson in The Beatles doing their own version of Pet Sounds. In other words it is very poppy, somewhat folky and very orchestral. All this makes it a product of it's time and a perfected example of it's time.

The way this music has obviously influenced the future of music is also apparent, albeit a little bit harder to uncover. I hear traces of Cat Stevens, Elliott Smith, Belle and Sebastian and pretty much every simple guitar based indie pop band that has come about since about 2000. Anyone who likes the modern indie pop sound of the shins, rogue wave, death cab, all that stuff would love this album.

Also this album has traces of jazz, pre hip hop style drum beats, experimental noise and samples, it's basically the blueprint of psyche pop, i will bet money that the members of Animal Collective all own a copy of this album.

A little bit of the facts: this was made by 2 producers of famous bands like the byrds, bob dylan, the band, the association, etc.....they hired a few session musicians and had complete artistic control. at the time this was the most expensive album ever made, it was made in 1968 and sold next to nothing. This went on to become a favorite album of critics, fellow musicians, and music industry types.

It's a shame this isn't considered an essential album to own.

for further listening check out the producers other project that came out a year before under the name sagitarrius the album being present tense.

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