Thursday, November 26, 2009

Them Crooked Vultures or how to set out to do something and getting it right.

So first off, the record review. this band has 3 elements to it and they are all people. the first person is Josh Homme, lead singer and guitarist. he also sings and plays guitar in the band Queens of the Stone Age. the next person is Dave Grohl, drummer, he also sings and plays guitar in the Foo Fighters. the third person is John Paul Jones he plays bass and synth and he was the bass player in Led Zeppelin. So this sounds like you would as of now most likely imagine. take the basic songwriting from queens of the stone age add the drums circa songs for the deaf and then add some kick ass bass lines and some Led Zeppelin inspired riffs and melodies. this is a power trio for the modern age, it sounds like all the good power trios like cream and the experience. this is meaty and thick as hell rock n roll and easily one of the best rock albums of the year and with time may just prove to be a classic. the album also runs the gamut from hard rocking tunes to tripped out psych jams back to semi-ballad like songs and then back to balls to the wall rock. this album has everything you would want from a classic rock inspired rock album.

Now on to the live show. the fox theater was beautiful, the lights were a trip as was the ornamentation around the stage and dear god was the sound amazing. the opening band was called Mini Mansions and they sucked pretty hard, i dont know who picked them to open for them crooked vultures but someone made a mistake. they sounded like quasi doing kinks and beatles covers of unreleased tracks that no one cares about. boring as hell and overlong since they were the only opener they gave them too long of a time slot.

but them crooked vultures came on, josh's guitar broke within the first 5 seconds, it was fixed 3 minutes later and the show didnt stop rocking until the last note. it was mind blowingly loud and the playing was ridiculously tight. every note was brilliant and they played the entire album, there wasnt anything too interesting going on up on the stage aside from John Paul Jones sporting a keytar during interlude with ludes, this was just an extremely solid rock show, one of the best i've been to.


  1. sounds awesome! were tickets very expensive?

  2. finally listened to this album. it's way better and more fun than I thought it would be! I kinda figured since qotsa had been getting fartier and fartier that this would be pretty half-assed, but the pairing seems to have invigorated everyone involved.