Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2000-2003 best albums of the decade

So to celebrate the disgusting display of a recent list put up on the internet and viewed by a lot of people I have decided to weigh in with my own opinion. Once again this is by no way definitive and i would love to see your thoughts and own lists(please for the love of god!)

I decided to change up the format a little bit, since a lot of the music is fresh in your minds i am not listing genres beneath the albums and for the first 2 installments of this list they will not be reviewed. The first volume is 2000-2003 the second volume is 2004-2009 and the last volume are the best albums of the decade complete with reviews. I may have a guessing post in between to see if people can guess what is near and dear to my heart(i think the person with the most correct guesses gets a mix of songs from each of those albums) anyways here goes with the first one enjoy!

Blonde Redhead-Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons(2000)

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Kid606-Down With the Scene(2000)

Modest Mouse-The Moon and Antarctica(2000)

Elliott Smith-Figure 8(2000)

Radiohead-Kid A(2000)

Starlight Mints-The Dream That Stuff Was Made Of(2000)

Yo La Tengo-And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out(2000)

20 Minute Loop-Decline Of Day(2001)

Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire-The Swimming Hour(2001)

Bob Dylan-Love and Theft(2001)


Mouse On Mars-Idiology(2001)

Polysics-Hey Bob My Friend(2001)

The Strokes-Is This It?(2001)

Wilco-Yankee Hotel Foxtrot(2001)

Andrew W.K.- I Get Wet(2002)

The Bruces-The War Of the Bruces(2002)

Neko Case-Blacklisted(2002)



The Fire Show-Saint the Fire Show(2002)

(((Microwaves)))-System 2(2002)

Quixotic-Mortal Mirror(2002)

Rilo Kiley-The Execution Of All Things(2002)

The Russian Futurists-Let's Get Ready To Crumble(2002)

Single Frame Ashtray-Wetheads Come Running(2002)

Tom Waits-Blood Money(2002)

Animal Collective-Here Comes the Indian(2003)

Blood Brothers-Burn, Piano Island, Burn(2003)

The Books-The Lemon Of Pink(2003)

Broadcast-HAHA Sound(2003)

Broken Social Scene-You Forgot It In People(2003)

Camera Obscura-Underachievers Please Try Harder(2003)

The Darkness-Permission To Land(2003)

Ex Models-Zoo Psychology(2003)

The Exploding Hearts-Guitar Romantic(2003)

The Fiery Furnaces-Gallowsbird's Bark(2003)

Matmos-The Civil War(2003)

Melt Banana-Cell Scape(2003)

Need New Body-UFO(2003)

The Rapture-Echoes(2003)

Whirlwind Heat-Do Rabbits Wonder(2003)

Young People-War Prayers(2003)

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