Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Urgh a music war or how mediocre bands get popular

From this:

To this:

So my old best friend from junior high posted a video of this new band called Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. The singer used to be in ImaRobot, which was a shitty indie new wave hipster dance band. the Following transpired and may not be the end.

Sean Taylor
that guy used to be a new wave hipster type as the lead singer of i'm a robot, now he grows a beard goes to the hills of los angeles and starts a " family" and forms some hippie band completely ripping of Devendra Banhart, seems a bit oppurtunistic to me, kinda weird

Stephen Ling
that guy is my friend, the band is completely mind blowing live, and you are way off on all your points. yes, he's from ima robot.. but to transform from that to this only shows how amazingly talented he is and his range as a musician to create something completely new and different. see them live, then talk to me.

Stewart Cole
booooo sean taylor booooo

Stephen Ling
There's always gonna be a hater stew.. Just shows their ignorance.

Lauren Michelle Mall
I agree sling...he's an artist. Thats what they do!

Sean Taylor
oh man i didnt know he had so many supporters, also i didnt know growing a beard and wearing hippie clothing and making mountain based folk rock(which has been done countless times over and over since the late 60s) warrented artistic ability, that's pretty sweet, i should try it, maybe i will grow a beard and sing songs about how everyone should get along and how beautiful the sky is and get hyped up in rolling stone for doing absolutely the bare minimum.

Stephen Ling
Have you even listened to the album? Or do you just read all the blogs for an up and coming band and chose to bash it because you "know" music? I've seen the bands you're into.. They aren't even on the radar, maybe because they suck ass.

Sean Taylor
well some of them are classic influences on the bands everyone is listening to at the moment and yes some of them arent even on YOUR radar, and fuck the radar who needs the radar when you have good music where it counts.

Sean Taylor
also check out what buddyhead had to say about edward sharpe and the zeros
"The singer of that failed major label disco band IMAROBOT put away his neon clothes and grew out his uneven new wave haircut and switched to jacking Devendra... Read More’s vibe hardcore. Now he looks like a budget cult leader and is fronting an equally crap band, Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros. Dude, I wish my parents invented air or something and were super fuckin’ rich too so I could pay my friends to film me running through the desert shirtless with paint all over me. I’d call that art too. Dude your video says it’s part 1 of 12? Why don’t you save everyone some embarrassment and slim that down to part 1 of 1 broseph. You already tried this once, so it’s either keep on going or tap out! "

Stephen Ling
And buddyhead has what credibility? It labeled Ima robot as a disco band. Yeah that's totally it.. Nailed it!! They actually sparked the whole 80's Indy rock phase and never got the deserved recognition by their major label. I don't care what you have to say about this band because they are my friends and family and are making music I enjoy. ... Read MoreIf you listened to the record or seen them live maybe you would understand what they are about. But then again, I don't want you to. Keep on hating

Shawn Taryn Gray
They are simply amazing. Overwhelming with talent. So happy for them!!! :)

Sean Taylor
i would say the faint actually spearheaded the whole 80s revival thing back in 2001 with an album called danse macabre 2 years before the debut album of ima robot's. and on the subject of doing something artistically credible i dont think "sparking the whole 80's indie rock phase" is very respectable or talented at all, i definately wouldn't be ... Read Moreproud of something like that. oh and i have seen them live, on letterman in this video and i found it pretty laughable, if you knew the history of music you would get quite a laugh too

oh and in case you were wondering, they fucking suck.

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  1. that kid is a douche bag du jour....i cant even get over it.. "your wrong on all points" what a creep. L.A sucks, love nature in nebraska and get the FUCK out of a city, terd burgers. Im so pissed at them I could call their rich daddies and tell on them.