Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tyondai Braxton-Central Market (2009)

So it seems that when I write it comes in batches like this.

So yesterday I went to dusted and read the review on this album and listened to the second track. I was completely blown away. The formula is simple really, take 20th century composer music, tack on a little old classical, throw in some cinematic score type music and some creepy thriller/horror music, stir in some disney scores, a little van dyke parks song structure then hand it to the main man behind Battles(I say main man because after listening to this album you can tell what parts he wrote for battles and it's a shitload).
This is one of the most forward thinking albums i have heard in a long time. It kind of encompasses a lot of emotional feel throughout, it's playful, kind of scary, very big sounding and just all over the place mixing orchestral parts equally with twisted electronics.
The leap Tyondai Braxton has made here musically is very similar to what Panda Bear did with Person Pitch. Both came out with difficult first solo albums then spent a lot of time in their bands(Animal Collective and Battles respectfully) then returned to the solo fold and turned their own solo career on its head with masterful results.
This album is a breath of fresh air for anyone searching for something new in this over saturated mediocre musical landscape.

for fans of Zappa, Eno, Van Dyke Parks and Battles

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