Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pissed Jeans-King Of Jeans (2009)

So imagine yourself waking up. You slowly slip from sleep into reality and realize you kind of hate your job. You also kind of hate the general population. Everything people do around you seems stupid. You have no patience for anyone's "crap". It seriously might not be anything really these people are doing aside from existing, but for some reason it really gets to you. Now imagine once you are done going to work, working for 8 hours through hell you get to hang out with a group of your friends who think exactly the way you have been since you all woke up. Now you feel the hatred melting away but now you are enjoying and embracing the mutual hatred for humanity and can laugh about it and swap stories and ask yourself "how can people be so retarded?" That moment my friends is completely encapsulated by this album. This album is your friend saying "god damn, I know.how the fuck can people be so retarded?"

The most important part of this album are the lyrics. All of the songs are pretty much sung from the point of view of either a jaded working class man who hates everything around him but in the end doesnt care, or sung from the point of view of the idiots he hates in a sort of fascinated mocking way.

The first song "False Jesii Part 2" is sung from the point of view of a guy who could be going out on a friday night but instead doesnt do shit and doesnt care about not doing anything.

"Half Idiot" is a song about expectations other people have of a clown jester type person, someone who is expected to perform for laughs.

"Dream Smotherer" is about smiling while a desk job sucks away your soul and not caring about it.

This continues for the rest of the album. The music is like an amazing hybrid of The Jesus Lizard, Queens of the Stone Age, Bleach/In Utero Nirvana, Black Flag, Mclusky, and Harvey Milk.

This album is easily one of the best albums of the year and probably closest to my personal mentality in this sometimes cruel yet laughable world.

if you are cynical you need this album.

oh yeah and these guys are all white collar desk job types, the singer is a fucking claims adjuster


  1. i should check out dream smotherer fer sure

  2. if you haven't listened to their albums Shallow or Hope For Men, get them as soon as you can.

    sooo good. they shit gold.

    or maybe they just shit shit.