Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So the 90s were my major introduction to the music world, i started buying my own albums in the 90s and started to develop what i listened to. Now this list is definately not reflective of what i actually listened to entirely in the 90s, see you will notice an absence of Limp Bizkit, Korn, Marilyn Manson, etc.... I did listen to those bands and loved them for a brief period of time before the Fall and Winter of 1997. Around October my best friend in high school told me that his cousin saw this one band in Alaska that was amazing and his cousin bought him one of their cds. The band was Modest Mouse and the album was Lonesome Crowded West. Now you will notice that album isnt on the list, because i feel they did their best work with the moon and antarctica. But whatever, so in November of that year my Mom got me Spin magazine through my little brother's magazine drive and the first issue i got was the "Best albums of 1997" issue. This issue changed my listening habits forever. On the list were Radiohead's Ok Computer, Geraldine Fibbers' Butch, Sleater Kinney's Dig Me Out, Belle and Sebastian's If You're Feeling Sinister, Bjork's Homogenic, Yo La Tengo's I can Hear the heart beating and Pavement's Brighten the Corners. So the next day i Bought all of those and the next day after that i brought Pavement to school and Blew our minds for good.

So here they are, the albums that molded my current taste and some albums that are currently molding my taste,

In my opinion the best albums of the 90s

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Post Punk, Funk Punk, Political Punk

The KLF-Chill Out(1990)
Ambient, Soundscapes, Sample Based Music,Americana

The La's-Self Titled(1990)
Jangle Pop, Brit Pop, Skiffle

Lubricated Goat-Psychedelicatessen(1990)
Pigfuck, Thrash Rock, Punk

They Might Be Giants-Flood(1990)
Quirky Rock, Indie Rock, Art Pop

The Bevis Frond-New River Head(1991)
Psych Rock, Post Rock, Folk

Black Sheep-A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing(1991)
Hip Hop

Technical Metal, Speed Metal

Del Tha Funky Homosapien-I Wish My Brother George Was Here(1991)
Hip Hop

The Jesus Lizard-Goat(1991)
Pigfuck, Trash Rock, Sludge Rock

The Orb-Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld(1991)
Techno, Ambient, Experimental

Indie Rock

Post Rock, Experimental

Ween-The Pod(1991)
Art Pop, Fucking Around, Rock n Roll, Funk

Bikini Kill-Pussy Whipped(1992)
Riot Grrl, Punk

Cows-Cunning Stunts(1992)
Pigfuck, Punk, Rock n Roll

Sonic Youth-Dirty(1992)
Indie Rock, Noise Rock

The Breeders-Last Splash(1993)
Indie Rock, Summertime Funtime Rock n Roll

Cop Shoot Cop-Ask Questions Later(1993)
Pigfuck, Industrial, Rock n Roll

PJ Harvey-Rid Of Me(1993)
Hard Rock, Singer Songwriter, Blues Rock

Jellyfish-Spilt Milk(1993)
Art Pop, Orchestral Pop, Indie Pop

Nirvana-In Utero(1993)
Noise Rock, Rock N Roll

Wu Tang-Enter the 36 Chambers(1993)
Hip Hop

Bob Drake-What Day Is It?(1994)
Experimental, Prog, Art Pop

Built To Spill-There's Nothing Wrong With Love(1994)
Indie Rock

Lisa Germano-Geek the Girl(1994)
Singer Songwriter, Drone Rock

Gravediggaz-6 Feet Deep(1994)
Hip Hop, Horrorcore

KMD-Black Bastards(1994)
Hip Hop

Pavement-Crooked Rain Crooked Rain(1994)
Indie Rock

S.E. Rogie-Dead Men Don't Smoke Marijuana(1994)
Sierra Leone Palm Wine Music, Folk

Shudder To Think-Pony Express Record(1994)
Operatic Rock, Art Pop, Alternative Rock

Elastica-Self Titled(1995)
Punk, Britpop

GZA-Liquid Swords(1995)
Hip Hop

Autechre-Tri Repetae++(1996)
IDM, Techno, Experimental

Brainiac-Hissing Prigs In Static Couture(1996)
Noise Rock, Experimental

Dr. Octagon-Dr. Octagonecologyst(1996)
Hip Hop, Horrorcore, The start of backpacker hip hop

Tool Aenima(1996)
Metal, Prog, Experimental

Tortoise-Millions Now Living Will Never Die(1996)
Experimental, Post Rock, Jazz

Walt Mink-El Producto(1996)
Indie Rock

Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Start of Emo?

The Wrens-Secaucus(1996)
Indie Rock

Belle and Sebastian-If You're Feeling Sinister(1997)
Orchestral Pop, Folk, Art Pop

Ben Folds Five-Whatever and Ever, Amen(1997)
Piano Based Rock, Singer Songwriter, Indie Rock

Experimental Pop

The Chemical Brothers-Dig Your Own Hole(1997)
Big Beat, Techno, Experimental

The Geraldine Fibbers-Butch(1997)
Riot Grrl, Country Rock, Folk Rock

Harvey Milk-The Pleaser/Goodwill and Courtesy Towards All Men(1997/1996)
Experimental Metal, Post Rock, Drone Metal

The Monorchid-Let Them Eat...(1997)

Radiohead-OK Computer(1997)
Art Pop, Experimental Rock

Sleater Kinney-Dig Me Out(1997)
Riot Grrl, Indie Rock, Punk

Smart Went Crazy-Con Art(1997)
Experimental Indie Rock

Yo La Tengo-I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One(1997)
Indie Rock

Boredoms-Super AE(1998)
Experimental Noise, Jazz, Krautrock, Psych Rock

Sample based Experimental Electronic Pop

Local H-Pack Up the Cats(1998)
Hard Rock, Alternative Rock

Neutral Milk Hotel-In the Aeroplane Over the Sea(1998)
Folk, Psychedelic

Quasi-Featuring Birds(1998)
Indie Rock

Queens Of the Stone Age-Self Titled(1998)
Hard Rock, Sludge Rock

Royal Trux-Accelerator(1998)
Noise based Blues Rock

Elliott Smith-XO(1998)
Folk, Orchestral Pop

12 Rods-Split Personalities(1998)
Experimental Indie Pop

Fiona Apple-When the Pawn...(1999)
Singer Songwriter, Orchestral Pop

Beck-Midnite Vultures(1999)
Funk, Hip Hop, Experimental Pop

Bonnie Prince Billy-I See A Darkness(1999)
Folk, Country

The Dismemberment Plan-Emergency and I(1999)
Indie Rock, Experimental Pop Punk

Dr. Dooom-First Come, First Served(1999)
Hip Hop, Horrorcore

The Flaming Lips-The Soft Bulletin(1999)
Experimental Pop

The Magnetic Fields-69 Love Songs Vol 1-3(1999)
Experimental Pop, Indie Rock


  1. excellent list. certainly enhanced by the inclusion of autechre.

  2. I would add to your list, which is pretty damn good, by adding (inclusingd some alternative albums to one's you guys selected): MOdest Mouse's Lonesome Crowded West, Public Enemy's Fear of A Black Planet, Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2, Ova;s' 94 Diskont, Teenage Filmstars' Star, A Tribe Called Quest's Low End Theory, Disco Inferno's D.I. Go Pop, DJ Pika Pika Pika's PLanetary Natural Love Gas Webbin' 199999, Coldcut's Journeys by DJ: 70 Minutes of Madness, Surgeon's Force+Form, Thomas Brinkmann's Studio 1 Variationen or Concept 1 Variations, DJ Shadow's Endtroducing, Boards of Canada's Music Has the Right To Children, Seefeel's (Ch-vox) or Quique can't decide, Slowdive's Pygmalion, Olivia Tremor Control's Dusk At Cubist Castle, Polygon Window's Surfing On Sine Waves, Nas's Illmatic, Mouse On Mars's Iaora Tahiti, Merzbow's Pulse Demon, Melvin's Lysol, M:I:5's Massstab 1:5, Philip Jeck's Surf, Plastikman's Musik, God Bullies' Dog Show, Grandaddy's Under The Western Freeway, Guided By Voices' Bee Thousand, A Guy Called Gerald's Black Secret Technology, K.M.D.'s Mr. Hood, Dead C's Harsh 70's Reality, Coil's Love's Secret Domain, Biosphere's Microgravity, Corrupted's Paso Inferior, Amon Tobin's Bricolage, Porter Ricks' Biokenetics, Earth's Earth 2, Pita's Get Out, Black Moon's Enter Da Stage, Cocteau Twins' Heaven or Las Vegas, Pole's 1, Mercury Rev's Deserter Songs or Yerself Is Steam, Current 93's Thunder Perfect Mind, Cristian Vogel's Al Time Has Come To An End, X-102's Explores The Rings of Saturn, Organum's Sphyx, Gang Starr's Daily Operation, Royal Trux's Twin Infinitives, Loop's A Gilded Eternity, Brainbomb's Urge To Kill, Emperor's In the Nightside Eclipse, Boris's Amplifier Worship, Main's Hz, Burning Witch's Towers, Lustmord's Heresy, Monolake's Hongkong,Move D's Kunststoff