Thursday, August 6, 2009

Discovery-LP (2009)

OK so let me just say, this is a perfect summer pop album in the same vein as XTC's Skylarking, Jellyfish's Spilt Milk and Scitti Politti's White Bread Black Beer. Everything that bothers people about Sparks but why people who love Sparks love Sparks is present here too. Contemporary acts that share the same musical feel would definately be The Russian Futurists and Max Tundra, people that are taking some of the obvious touchstones of modern pop and twisting it just enough to retain the melody while making it interesting as all hell and never falling into a rut with the sounds at hand.
To create something like this, where every song is a little compact pop masterpiece seems like it would be very hard to do, it has the perfect balance of cheese and thoughtfulness.
Now onto a little musical background: this band is the keyboard and principal songwriter of Vampire Weekend and the lead singer of Ra Ra Riot(whom i have never heard). This doesnt sound like Vampire Weekend. The singer of Vampire Weekend and one of the female vocalists of Dirty Projectors guest on the album and even they sound amazing. Any album that can make them not annoy the shit out of me has achieved something great.

If you want a really catchy yet engaging and intelligent summery pop album to blast out of your car or in your living room with your windows open and the sun shining in then by all means drop 10 bucks and get this shit immediately.

by the by i will soon be undergoing a project involving extreme pop soon with my good friend Kyle Ward and i have a feeling this will be popping up as an example of what should be done with a pop sound for us.


  1. I will be listening to this on my way up to San Francisco, so it'd better be good! btw, "extreme pop" is a good genre name.

  2. dude this album is kind of amazing.

    in my opinion, it's different than max tundra in the sense that it doesn't go off the deep end with prog riffs like max, it's more accessible obviously. and it's better than the russian futurists because they're a little wishy washy, and don't have as distinct a sound. they kind of get lost in the sea of bands like a novelty.

    this is good because it's a more solid straight-forward pop format at it's core. more easy on the ears, way more immediately pleasing. and overall original. it's great.

  3. dude, and did they record that jackson five cover before he died? because that's pretty perfect timing.

  4. they did in fact record and release that song before jackson died, kinda crazy timing, but yeah i completely agree with your comment above