Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In My Honest Opinion; The Best Albums of the 80s(at least of what i have heard anyway)

Welcome to what i think to be the best albums made in the 80s. The rules are, one album per artist and to be open to all genres. Thats it. If I havent heard it yet, that's probably why it isnt on this list, or i forgot. If any of you have any albums you think should be on this list, please for the love of god comment on this list and tell me, i am always searching to expand. I hope you all enjoy and can get something good from this list, be it either a new band you havent heard of or a genre of the smile you get from seeing one of your favorites on this list. Thank you to all of my friends who have helped shape this list and who will continue to shape this list. Also, i didnt write full-on descriptions of these albums because it is really fucking hard to put into words what i like about these albums. so i just put up what genres of music they fall into. Thank you very much and enjoy.

also this list might not all fit on the same page so click around and have fun!

Motorhead-Ace Of Spades(1980)
Rock, Punk, Metal

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Wipers-Is This Real?(1980)

The Specials-Self Titled(1980)
Ska, Reggae

X: Los Angeles(1980)
Punk, Rock

The Feelies: Crazy Rhythms(1980)
Jangly Pop, Indie Rock

Killing Joke: Self Titled(1980)
Industrial, Rock, Experimental

David Bowie: Scary Monsters(1980)
Rock, Art Pop

Wall Of Voodoo: Dark Continent(1981)
Post Punk, Rock

Zero Boys: Vicious Circle(1981)

Black Flag: Damaged(1981)
Punk, Hardcore

The Birthday Party: Prayers On Fire(1981)
Sludge Rock, Pigfuck

Agent Orange: Living In Darkness(1981)

This Heat: Deceit(1981)
Post Punk, Experimental

Scientist: Rids the World Of the Curse Of the Vampires(1981)
Dub, Reggae

Flipper: Generic(1981)
Sludge Rock, Punk

The Gun Club: Fire Of Love(1981)
Rock n Roll, Country, Atmospheric Rock, Indie Rock

King Crimson: Discipline(1981)
Experimental, Rock, World Influenced Rock

Public Image Limited: Flowers Of Romance(1981)
Post Punk, Experimental, Dub

Violent Femmes: Self Titled(1982)
Rock, Folk, Beginnings Of Indie Rock

Bad Brains: Self Titled(1982)
Punk, Hardcore

ESG: Come Away With Me(1982)
Funk, Hip Hop, Rock

Fear: The Record(1982)
Punk, Rock

Misfits: Walk Among Us(1982)
Punk, Horror Punk

Kate Bush: The Dreaming(1983)
Art Rock, Experimental, Singer Songwriter

R.E.M.: Murmur(1983)
Indie Rock, Jangly Pop, Power Pop

Malcolm McLaren: Duck Rock(1983)
Experimental, Art Pop, Hip Hop

Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark: Dazzle Ships(1983)
Art Pop, New Wave, Experimental

Einsturzende Neubauten: 1/2 Mensch(1984)
Experimental as Fuck, Industrial, Avant Garde Soundscapes

The Art Of Noise: Who's Afraid Of...(1984)
Experimental, Art Pop, Sound Construction, Sampledelica

Minutemen: Double Nickels On the Dime(1984)
Punk, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Folk, Awesomeness

Tom Waits: Rain Dogs(1985)
Experimental Blues Rock, Story Based Pieces, Tin Pan Alley

Tall Dwarfs: Hello Cruel World(1985)
Beginnings Of Indie Rock, Kiwi Rock, Experimental

The Fall: This Nation's Saving Grace(1985)'
Post Punk, Cynic Based Rock, British

The Jesus and Mary Chain: Psychocandy(1985)
Shoegaze, Noise Rock, Indie Pop, 60s Influenced Rock

The Dead Milkmen: Big Lizard In My Backyard(1985)
Comedy Punk, Art Punk, Proto Ween

Meat Puppets: Up On the Sun(1985)
Laid Back Prog Based Funk Rock

The Smiths: The Queen Is Dead(1986)
Mope Rock, Indie Rock, Jangly Pop

XTC: Skylarking(1986)
Summer Time Feel Good Experimental Art Pop

Slayer: Reign In Blood(1986)
Thrash, Speed Metal, Metal, Fucking Intense Awesomeness

Gore: Hart Gore/Mean Man's Dream(1986/1987)
Instrumental Post Rock, Nirvana if they were an instrumental band, Post Rock(maybe the first)

Big Black: Songs About Fucking(1987)
Industrial, Punk, Asshole Rock, Pigfuck

Butthole Surfers: Locust Abortion Technician(1987)
Experimental, Noise, Pigfuck, Absolutely Disturbing

Pussy Galore: Right Now!(1987)
Noise Rock, Pigfuck

Eric B and Rakim: Paid In Full(1987)
Old School Hip Hop, Golden Age Of Hip Hop

Killdozer: 12 Point Buck(1987)
Noise Rock, Sludge Rock, Pigfuck

Napalm Death: Scum(1987)
Grindcore, Speed Metal

Brian Wilson: Self Titled(1988)
Experimental Pop

They Might Be Giants: Lincoln(1988)
Indie Rock, Experimental, Art Pop

Ultramagnetic Mcs: Critical Beatdown(1988)
Hard Hitting Old School Hip Hop

Boogie Down Productions: By All Means Necessary(1988)
Hard Hitting Old School Hip Hop

Beat Happening: Jamboree(1988)
Indie Rock, Jangly Pop

K.D. Lang: Absolute Torch and Twang(1988)
Alt Country, Old School Country Sound

Ministry: The Land Of Rape and Honey(1988)
Industrial, Metal, Pissed Off Rock

Pixies: Surfer Rosa(1988)
Rock, Noise Rock, Damaged Art Pop

De La Soul: 3 Feet High and Rising(1989)
Experimental Hip Hop, Old School Hip Hop, Positive Hip Hop

Beastie Boys: Paul's Boutique(1989)
Experimental Hip Hop, Old School Hip Hop

3rd Bass: The Cactus Cee/D(1989)
Experimental Hip Hop, Old School Hip Hop

Scratch Acid: The Greatest Gift(1989)
Noise Rock, Pigfuck

The Gories: I Know You Be Houserockin'(1989)
Garage Rock, Noise Rock

Nomeansno: Wrong(1989)
Prog Punk, Jazz Rock

Operation Ivy: Self Titled(1989)
Skate Punk, Ska Punk


  1. nice list dude. did you forget devo and the art of noise? i might've missed it.

  2. i saw art of noise in there....there are no numbers though, possibilities are endless

  3. i decided not to put an 80s devo album on there because i really think the only good devo albums were are we not men and hardcore devo which is their pre first album shit, freedom of choice was good and is an 80s album but it just didnt make the cut

  4. yeah that makes sense with the devo.

  5. there is a lot of crossover between your list and mine! but whats even crazier to me is how many of these albums I haven't heard. seriously like half of these albums I don't know! I'll have my list up in a day or two.

  6. nice call with double nickels there

  7. I'm partial to Hounds of Love and Reckoning when it comes to Kate Bush and REM, though suspended in Gaffa is pretty much the most ridiculous song ever.
    Lately all I seem to do is listen to Tusk by Fleetwood Mac, which is seriously one of the weirdest pop albums ever made. Tusk and Lindsey Buckingham solo stuff seriously sound remarkably like Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, and the like.

  8. tusk will be making an appearence on the 70s list for sure.

  9. oh weird, I always thought that album came out in the early 80s, didn't realize it was 79. Fleetwood Mac just seem like such an 80s band. My mistake.

  10. The Chameleons: Script Of The Bridge
    Echo and The Bunnymen: Ocean Rain
    Breathless: Chasing Promises
    The Comsat Angels: Sleep No More
    The Sound: From The Lion's Mouth
    Clan of Xymox: Twist Of Shadows
    Simple Minds: New Gold Dream
    Magazine: Real Life

    Sad Lovers And Giants: Feeding The Flame
    The Cocteau Twins: Treasure
    Lowlife: Permanent Sleep
    The Snake Corps: Flesh On Flesh

  11. Chinatown - Thin Lizzy?