Wednesday, July 29, 2009

future of the left live and my return to bottom of the hill

 photo from live on 35

So I hadn't been to Bottom Of the Hill since i moved back and i hadn't really been to a show to close to before we left for LA, so it had been almost 3 years since i had seen a show there. I used to go see bands there all the time when i was going to sf state. it was the easiest venue to get to with a car and i had not yet experienced the Mission being out near Park Merced so this is where i went to see live music, plus they had an excellent lineup at least once a week.

so walking into the place after 3 years was very exciting. i instantly remembered why i loved it. the space of the place is remarkable every detail came flooding back of all the shows i had been to. it was more or less the same venue. the smoking patio in all it's glory remained unchanged.

but onto the show:
the first band called Make Me sucked.
The second band called Disastroid was fucking awesome. The perfect mix of harvey milk, jesus lizard, melvins, nomeansno, and danzig all while tuning it into their own unique sound. it was everything that has been good about rock music and what is good about rock music now. I highly recommend these guys and it was nice to be completely blown away by an opening band i had never heard a note from before.

FUTURE OF THE LEFT WAS BRUTAL. Their albums consist of mostly fast paced hard as fuck songs but there are some slower tempo songs on them too. They didnt make an appearance at this show. it was like they knew to leave out all the slow stuff. the pace was fast as all hell with both singers screaming their fucking heads off the whole time. Easily one of the most intense performances i have ever seen. They played almost all of the new album and all the best stuff off the first album, no mclusky covers which i had heard rumored about. and that was fine. at the end of it all the bassist jumped out into the crowd during a deconstructed ending jam and handed his bass to some kid who just so happened to seem like he knew bass a bit. the bassist then did pushups while this kid did his job(playing bass) the drummer just started going nuts and falco(the singer) started flipping out on his guitar then the synth then he gave 1 symbol to the audience and continued to do a noise jam for about 10 minutes, then it was over, i was deaf and had just seen an incredible show.


  1. hmmm I left a comment but now it doesn't seem to be here. what I asked was- how did this compare to seeing mclusky at bottom of the hill?

  2. Aw shucks! Stumbled across your blog and all I can say is, 1) thanks for the nice praise, and 2) Yeah, Future of the Left was absolutely killer.

    Hope ta see you again!

    - Travis

  3. ha ha good thing you aren't one of the guys from Make Me!

  4. haha i can be a bit harsh sometimes cant i, but yeah i am going to the september disastroid show at the elbo room.

    also alex i believe they are playing the viper room with mondo generator soon.

    oh and check out bygones, it's a good new zach hill band kinda like the ladies