Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No Trend-Tritonian Nash Vegas Polyester Complex (1986)

So the question this album poses is...is an album great because it is inherently great or because of the circumstances under which it came out. For this album the circumstance would be time period. I say this because this album is really fucking awesome for the time period it came out in. It doesnt sound old at all, i mean in terms of the musical genres being explored it does take from blues, jazz, country, and harder rock stuff but the way that it is blended is way ahead of it's time. I mean this album is a ridiculous mess in a great way but it still is a mess. it's one of those proceed with caution albums, you don't just play this one for anybody.

Now for the sound. Well it kind of sounds like Flipper/Devo/Dead Kennedys/Dead Milkmen/Pere Ubu/Frank Zappa jamming together with a jazz/swing/country bar band backing them up. It's very quirky but at the same time it has this midwest sick jesus lizard kind of darkness to it. I mean look at the fucking cover and it kind of explains the whole thing, campy/kitschy with some fucked up shit smeared all over it.

So i guess the story(there isnt much of one) is these guys were from Maryland and started the band in 1983 and broke up in 1987 and this album came out on touch and go in 1986 and was there 22nd release, probably the weirdest album i have heard from their earlier period. touch and go reissued it in i think 2007 for no reason at all, there are no bonus tracks, no new liner notes, no new artwork, nothing just the album remastered.



  1. nice of you to stop by the site, what do you think?

  2. this is an amazing, amazing album-when it came out No Trend was just taking "punk" in it's logical direction-ie experimental. The pain that Jefferson Scott or whoever he was sings about was very real cos the guitarist hung himself for real. The best band ever.