Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lisa Germano-Geek The Girl (1994)

So this is by far one of the most honest, dark, fucked up records i have ever heard. It's not musically scary or even adventurous. It's the sheer emotional power put to tape on this album that's scary. Lisa Germano played in John Melloncamp's band for years. She played in the background as a fiddle/mandolin player, never ever seeing the spotlight or anything like that, but she was writing. When she had enough material she quit John's band and started her solo career. Her first album is alright, just kinda getting the feet wet solo rock stuff. This, her second album, is downright fucked up. The vocals are delivered in this creepy hush and the instrumentation sounds as if it's being played under some not so deep, yet murky water. The lyrics are where this album hits a perfect 10. Super dark lyrics about self analyzation and questioning oneself and your surroundings in this world, kind of a "why does the world work this way?" vibe without having one ounce of self pity emo bullshit. more a challenging "fuck you" to the way the world treats decent people. There are songs about being an outcast, date rape, just plain rape, and a song that literally samples a real 911 call of a woman getting attacked in her own house by an unknown attacker. If you can imagine a bruised and bloody Liz Phair singing a better version of her first album from a gutter than you are coming close to the intense nature of this album. I recently saw the movie Repulsion and to me this is the audio equivalent of that movies themes.

On the spine of the album it says "P.S. FUCK OFF and die to all rapists and stalkers" and i couldn't agree more.

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