Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bob Drake-What Day Is It? (1994)

Recorded in a few weeks in Burbank California(very close to where i grew up) alone in his apartment in the Valley in 1994, this man at a younger age made what i think is one of the greatest modern prog rock albums. Imagine if you will a world where Built To Spill jammed with Yes and had country leanings and at the same time interjected a hell of a lot of cheap Halloween creepiness into the music then boiled it down to one nerd in his room with an 8 track. That is what you get. He sings songs about ghosts and backyards and bugs and more creaky houses and just plain fun weirdness. Things never get too serious or too jokey. It's this wonderful middle ground that keeps me coming back. Oh and the musicianship is uncanny. I mean scales and fret jumps and weird backmasking and pedals galore, this is really a feast for the ears.

sorry couldnt find cover art

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