Friday, April 17, 2009

The USA Is A Monster-Space Programs (2008)

So I have always had a bit of difficulty getting into this band. I have always liked them but I feel that i never really got it. They always kind of reminded me of a lazier more noodley version of Lightning Bolt with vocals. They always sang and made albums about how much the US is hypocritical and wrong in pretty much everything they do.

Enter the new record. It's fun, the other albums always seemed a little heavy handed. This album is fun as shit. The best way to describe it is if, first off Man Man went back to being good. Also it's like Andrew WK formed a space rock/krautrock band heavily influenced by Zappa and then throw in some of the Advantages's Nintendo song writing.

One thing i love about this album is that it definately has a groove to it, it's almost jam band-like in a way not in a shitty yuppie hippie way but more of a let's all get stoned in a field and have a kick ass concert going experience kind of feel. This is some kick ass summer music, some hot sun fun summer beach blanket music (i'm looking south in your direction, Alex!)

But yeah really fun really kick ass get a hold of this shit


  1. yeah, this is definitely one of those bands that always seemed like they should be really great but ended up falling short. i wanna hear this one now, though.

  2. Hmmm, I think it's all a matter of taste. I think the Lightning Bolt similarities come from two things: 1) they both use octave pedals pretty heavily and 2) the label association.

    Space programs was damn near the top of my list in 2008. I think the "lazier" comment is nicely righted further down in your review. I think this record is them at their hippie punk best. And it's jammy, and it's ponderous, and the songs are long and it's a glorious, wild mess.