Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Micachu-Jewellery (2009)

OK so I touched on this in a previous post about how in these times, quite a bit, I feel like there is a lot of unnecessary music being made. A lot of artists seem to be coasting by or just keeping up tradition(which can be awesome) but very few musicians seem to be actually trying to present something new.
Enter Mica Levi. Mica Levi is a 21 year old British prodigy who first entered the music community with a Dub/Grime/Spoken word mix that apparently did very well in England. Then she was commissioned to write a symphony for the London Symphony Orchestra, she did just that.
Fast forward about a year and she got restless and decided to take the sum of her influences and form a group called the Shapes to round out her live sound.
The album consists of 13 tracks 5 of which feel the Shapes the rest are all her aside from 1 track with a guy who's name I don't recognize(Man Like Me).
The tracks with the Shapes are mostly excellently written fucked up art pop with a band setup with a ton of added instrumentation piled on top.
The tracks without the Shapes are like little off kilter warped versions of what MIA and Lily Allen do. Now when I say fucked up I mean really fucked up, it's very innovative and catchy and poppy but always very abstract and arty.
Every song is a highlight and it is excellent seeing someone really trying hard to present something new and catchy and fun and weird and interesting and....
just get the thing or download it

oh yeah and the whole thing is produced by Herbert which is excellent