Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mercury Rev-Boces (1993)

Easily one of the weirdest albums ever made, definately one of the weirdest on a major label. But it's not that surprising this was on Columbia records since it was 1993 and it was released right in the middle of the alternative explosion that happened in America.
Regardless of label affiliation this album is fucking weird. If you like current or a few years past Mercury Rev and are not that adventurous than you will hate this but if you are into somewhat out there music you might just like this better than their well known stuff, i know i do.
With the presence of original vocalist David Baker this band was on a loose leash of his were their sounds were allowed to swirl and fluctuate at a whim based on what seems to be his will( when he left the band after this record their sound mellowed considerably).
He is a weird vocalist too, almost spoken word like in his delivery, very much like the singer from Need New Body.
The sound of the album draws from all over the musical landscape. Pulling from noise rock, Jazz, Pop, Orchestral music, Indie rock and the Avant Garde in equal measure, it is an overall tripout. Their are hints of the Boredoms here and there as well as Pink Floyd.
All in all this is an album that should not be forgotten and it has sadly fallen out of print but if you are lucky you can find it randomly in used bins and I suggest a listen.

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