Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mastodon-Crack The Skye (2009)

So after sitting on the new Mastodon for a few days I decided I would give my two cents about it.
First off, the vocals will turn a lot of people off, it did for me initially. They have for the most part stopped growling and yelling and have exchanged it for actual melodic singing which at first just reminded me of nu metal but now it has a proggy Ozzy Osbourne quality to it.
Second, the music is still pretty awesome, a little smoother around the edges but it seems this time out they wanted to make a prog album instead of a metal album with prog touches and it mostly works. The 2 10 plus minute songs on the album are constantly interesting and overall the album is pretty good. To me it is the worst Mastodon album so far though, which isnt to say it isn't a good album, it is, it's just not their best.

Oh and I could really give a fuck about the whole astral projection time traveling rasputin era Russia concept album.


  1. I suspect that this album is going to be a grower- and with that in mind I'll say more about it after I give it a few more listens. I'm not sure I like it better than their last one, because it lacks the high points that they previously reached, but I think its a much more cohesive album, like they had a more clear idea about what they were trying to do.

  2. did you know that mastodon released a "deluxe" edition that also included an all-intrumental version of the album? i need to hear that!!!!

  3. yeah i did hear about that and it sounds awesome, i was rocking crack the skye in my car today and it was pretty fucking awesome to blast down valencia on my day off while going to pick up my paycheck