Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lee Perry and the Upsetters-Roast Fish, Collie Weed and Cornbread (1977)

So I am definately not the biggest reggae fan, in fact I am sure most of you have heard me rant about it's shittiness from time to time. With that in mind and my tendency to be picky with my music, me liking this album might come as a shock to some of you. Now where I don't like reggae much I do like Dub and some of the early forms of reggae like island ska and all that good stuff.
This is definately one of reggae and dub's weirdest albums. It was the result of Lee Perry hunkering down in his Black Ark studios, which was basically a glorified shed in his backyard and tinkering with new sounds and exploring the standard ska beat and adding layers and layers on top of it to create something fresh and new. It's not that aurally weird in general but to the reggae genre it is very odd. Most of the songs are Lee Perry ranting about personal health and how good weed and good food and water are for your body.
He takes the standard ska beat and piles on weird bubbly sound effects, babies crying, cows mooing and out of tune whistles and dings and clanging making the whole experience kind of like a swaying boat filled with a cow, a baby, and random shit clanging around. The album as a whole can be very disorienting but i believe that was the point and it's all the more powerful for it. This was Lee Perry's first real solo album where he sang on every track and had complete creative control over the Upsetters for the first time.
To me this might be the best reggae album of all time because it shatters a lot of stale traditions placed upon reggae by it's biggest fans and blazes it's own trail becoming a beast of it's own design.

Love it.


  1. i realized recently that actually i really like reggae a lot. I only thought i didn't because of bob marley.

  2. ha me too, exactly i dont like bob at all, his positiveness turns me off and the fact that 80% of his fanbase are dickheads

  3. can i add, we must be really bored or just really prolific, what do you think?

  4. ha well I was just going to post the one entry but then you posted three and I didn't want to get shown up.

  5. dude we should do this all the time, i love it.